haijinx IV:1 released!

Please enjoy haijinx IV:1, our first issue of 2011 and perhaps the largest and most vibrant issue of haijinx so far.

Including special sections and the news, there are over 200 poems from over 50 poets in this issue. The main section consists of 25 pages of haiku, 8 of haibun & 4 of haiga. There’s 6 pages of news, three haikai articles, four reviews & a multi-part special on NaHaiWriMo. Art from kris moon throughout.

Contributors to this issue include Don Baird, Helen Buckingham, Marjorie Buettner, Ellen Compton, Cherie Hunter Day, Frank Dullaghan, Curtis Dunlap, Lorin Ford, Carolyn Hall, Michele L. Harvey, Jim Kacian, Michael Ketchek, Jacek Margolak, Michael Morell, Peter Newton, Kala Ramesh, Miriam Sagan, Shimi, Kuniharu Shimizu, Michael Dylan Welch, Billie Wilson, Robert D Wilson, & more.

Editors for the issue included Mark Brooks, Alan Summers, Carmen Sterba, Roberta Beary, kris moon, Melissa Allen and our guest Tom Clausen. Special section on NaHaiWriMo from Aubrie Cox. Special thanks to Karen, Dylan & Casey Brooks for their assistance and support during this issue.


Next issue’s guest editor will be Aubrie Cox and kris moon will start as renga/renku editor for that issue too. Open for submissions now through May 21.



Mark Brooks
creator of haijinx

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last call for the equinox

haiku by Buson translated by Mark Brooks
haiga by Kuniharu Shimizu from
haijinx II:1

revised March 2011

The haijinx team had much fun reading haiku over the last six weeks, what with your submissions and February’s incredible debut NaHaiWriMo experience. In fact, founding editor Alan Summers enjoyed NaHaiWriMo so much that he agreed to provide prompts during March for the writers participating in NaHaiWriMo via Facebook. And, if you are on Facebook, please take a moment to like haijinx, too.

The first haijinx issue of 2011 will be out for the equinox, March 20th. Over the next few days we will announce some of the columns and columnists debuting in this issue and the next. And new announcements about staff are coming as well. It’s an exciting time around here.

Today, March 1st, is the last day of the submission period for this upcoming equinox issue. Thanks for your incredible response so far. We are sorting through submissions daily and have kept a number of wonderful haiku for our final group review this week. We expect final acceptance notes to go out right around March 8th.

There is still time to get your haiku to us though. We would love to see how your haiku fit in with this haijinx of the equinox.

We accept original, unpublished haiku (preferably between 5 and 10 at a time), haiga, renku, and sumi-e. We will also accept previously published work in these categories (not haibun, see below), but please include the publication information at the time you submit your work and do not submit work currently under consideration elsewhere. Please make sure that each submission contains a majority of unpublished work. Non-English works may be submitted with translation. We will publish them in both English and their native language. If you do not have a translation, contact us to see if we know of a translator who might work with you.

We are always looking for articles on haiku, even from authors who disagree with us. Please contact us with your article ideas beforehand.

Submissions may be sent using this form or to our central address

submissions – at – haijinx dot org


We now accept haibun. You may submit up to 2 haibun per issue directly to editor Roberta Beary. No single haibun should exceed 150 words. We do not consider any haibun that  has been previously published or accepted for publication in any form. We do not consider any unpublished haibun which include  previously published haiku or haiku which have been accepted for publication.

Please submit your best work in the body of an email to

shortpoems at gmail.com

with ‘haijinx haibun submission’ and your name in the subject line.

about us

Mark Brooks created haijinx in 2001 along with editors Alan Summers and Carmen Sterba. After a multi-year hiatus, our most recent issue, haijinx III-1, came out in December 2010. For our upcoming equinox issue, we happily continue the relaunch of haijinx by welcoming Roberta Beary as our first haibun editor as well as new columnist Melissa Allen. Tom Clausen joined on as a guest haiku editor for this first 2011 equinox issue.

fine print

We acquire first serial rights to unpublished work and secondary rights to previously published work. We also reserve reprint rights.

“first rights” means that we will be the first to publish the poem anywhere. “secondary rights” simply means we will republish a previously published work. We will always credit the original publication. “reprint rights” means that we will be allowed to reprint the work in any form at our discretion. This includes issues of haijinx, the haijinx web site, future “best of” or “annual” anthologies of haijinx poetry, and other hard copy and electronic publications.

All other rights revert to the author. This means you can reprint the work however you see fit without contacting us. This includes allowing others to reprint it. When reprinting works that first appeared in a haijinx publication, we request that you note that that.

By submitting to haijinx, you are agreeing to these terms.

help wanted

haijinx is seeking haijin for exciting opportunities with an upstart haikai website.

Proposals for haikai columnists now being accepted. Multiple possibilities. Columnists are invited to submit proposals for monthly or quarterly columns. Please contact Mark for details.

Reviews from critical readers now being accepted. haijinx publishes reviews of recent and classic haikai literature. Please contact us for a list of titles currently under consideration, to make suggestions, and to see how you might help.

Materials from haikai publishers now being accepted. haijinx publishes multiple reviews in each issue and will maintain a Materials Received section. Please contact us for more information.

haijinx staff update: Melissa Allen

haijinx welcomes Melissa Allen as our newest regular columnist.

Melissa is well-known for her haiku blog Red Dragonfly, where she shares “short-form poetry as well as related commentary and essays and news about developments in the world of haiku.”

a jumble of flowers, Melissa’s column within the quarterly haijinx, will be her own unique overview of what’s happening in the haikai world online and off. The first column will be a part of our spring 2011 issue. If you have news or announcements you would Melissa to consider, please send email to

jumble -at- haijinx -dot- org

haijinx publishes around the solstices and equinoxes each year. The first 2011 issue will be released on March 20th and the submission deadline for Melissa’s a jumble of flowers is March 8th. All other submissions are due by March 1st. For more information, please visit our submissions page.

Our most recent issue, haijinx III-1, came out in December 2010.

haijinx staff update: Tom Clausen

haijinx welcomes Tom Clausen as a guest haiku editor for our upcoming spring issue.

Tom brings a wealth of haiku knowledge and experience to the haijinx team. For our spring issue, he will act as a fourth editor for haiku, helping review the raw submissions as well as taking part in the final anonymous selection process. To learn more about Tom, please visit his bio page and enjoy the links.

haijinx publishes around the solstices and equinoxes each year. The first 2011 issue will be released on March 20th and the submission deadline is March 1s. For details, please visit our submissions page. Our most recent issue, haijinx III-1, came out in December 2010.

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